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I've been seeing a lot over social media about apathy surrounding Obama's drone strike legacy on Middle Eastern countries. I've seen statements along the lines of "Yeah, Trump is a piece of shit, but we almost had Hillary, who's the epitome of evil". And to an extent, I absolutely agree.

Obama got away with looking like a true liberal, with even right wing media outlets labelling him a socialist. Socialism is pretty left wing. To be a socialist in the US is noble and brave and I respect Obama for going through with that. The only problem is he wasn't very left wing beyond not disliking homosexuals. He definitely wasn't anything close to being a socialist when looking at his economic policies. And when you look at his foreign policy record and immigration record - he was more right wing than Bush.

Same with Clinton - an absolute war monger and a typical cor ... Read more »

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We're living in a relatively worrisome time. There's many things great about increases of technology. In fact, you'll often find me defending the latest generation from flawed criticisms brought forward by previous generations. And sadly enough, those same criticisms have been adopted by the CURRENT generations to bash people they don't think they fit in with.

You'll see it a lot with 15 and 16 year olds sharing music videos of artists/poets/vloggers bashing people for constantly using their phones. These kids will share it, knowing full well it's THEM being bashed and they're being bashed by older people who, the only reason they're not doing the same thing, is they didn't have an opportunity to do the same thing. Nothing to do with being a stronger or better person.

It can't be good for mental health to constantly be shat on by people y ... Read more »

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Politics is a thing a lot of people like to have an opinion on, but very few people like to actually research what they're saying before it comes out of their face. This is an unfortunate problem. Politics affects you everyday. And every day you let something pass you by, you're allowing a possible future policy to negatively affect you without you even realising.

You don't need to live like that. To keep up with politics, it's an everyday thing. You need to watch the news, you need to see what politicians are saying in and outside of the house of commons. Everyday.
If you're new to keeping up, it's extremely challenging. Trust me, five years ago, I found it so much easier to just blame bad things on the Illuminati and walk away from it. But eventually, I got with the flow and I've tried my best to keep up with it for a few years now.

I've had ... Read more »

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