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11:58 PM
Having Your Say!

Politics is a thing a lot of people like to have an opinion on, but very few people like to actually research what they're saying before it comes out of their face. This is an unfortunate problem. Politics affects you everyday. And every day you let something pass you by, you're allowing a possible future policy to negatively affect you without you even realising.

You don't need to live like that. To keep up with politics, it's an everyday thing. You need to watch the news, you need to see what politicians are saying in and outside of the house of commons. Everyday.
If you're new to keeping up, it's extremely challenging. Trust me, five years ago, I found it so much easier to just blame bad things on the Illuminati and walk away from it. But eventually, I got with the flow and I've tried my best to keep up with it for a few years now.

I've had shit for talking about politics so much. Apparently, the future is boring. And sometimes it is. Politics can sometimes be soul destroyingly boring. But so is reading bills everyday and that has to happen.

Contrary to popular belief, while a lot of work, it's not always a long job. You don't need to spend your days trawling the internet for statistics. For a lot of things you need to know, you require three websites.

TheyWorkForYou.Com - Check who your local MP's and MSP's are. See how they vote, what they say in parliament, how active they are as a politician etc...

WriteToThem.Com - Once you've found out who your MP is and checked the votes they totally arsed, you can ask them why they're so much of a fuck up. I had a few conversations with lindsay Roy before the Election. Always speedy replies, but I'm yet to speak to Peter Grant.

WhatDoTheyKnow.Com - While questioning your MP personally, you may want to stock up on some facts. If they're not already on this website, you can ask for them. Just please understand the law before using this, as some of the expectations from some of the arrogant cunts on this website are annoying.

The reason I'm bringing this up is due to how much misinformation I've seen since the election. From people I agree with and people I don't. I don't particularly care what your political views are, I just care about whether you're using factual information of not. No excuses. Keep your shit factual.

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