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Medical Paranoia & You

We're living in a relatively worrisome time. There's many things great about increases of technology. In fact, you'll often find me defending the latest generation from flawed criticisms brought forward by previous generations. And sadly enough, those same criticisms have been adopted by the CURRENT generations to bash people they don't think they fit in with.

You'll see it a lot with 15 and 16 year olds sharing music videos of artists/poets/vloggers bashing people for constantly using their phones. These kids will share it, knowing full well it's THEM being bashed and they're being bashed by older people who, the only reason they're not doing the same thing, is they didn't have an opportunity to do the same thing. Nothing to do with being a stronger or better person.

It can't be good for mental health to constantly be shat on by people you're supposed to trust all because you have access to things you didn't ask to have access to. It's not a 14 year old girls fault that the iphone 6 is easily accessible to her through monthly contracts... It's not the 12 year old boys fault that he has unlimited access to ps4 games that are so significantly better than 80's games that it's not even a comparable competition.

When I was a kid, I WAS a part of the generation who played football until the street lights came on. We played man hunt and torture each other to gain letters to the special word so we could win the game. We built "bases" underneath some tress and spent entire summers doing fucking nothing but sitting there. But the technology we had access to was there... It just wasn't as good. I had a friend bring out a "portable, pocket-sized tv". Was fucking massive and didn't always work, so it was pointless to bring it out.

The games we had weren't as in depth and perfect, so we completed it in a day or 2 at night and had plenty time to play out doors. But if we had GTA 5 when I was 10 or 11... Fucking right we'd have never been seen in the streets. In fact, any time a new GTA came out (starting with 3) I'd be in someone's house (we couldn't afford them lol) playing it with them. For days we'd be there. But again, after it was finished and we were bored again - played in the dirt.

New technology isn't necessarily bad. It's just different to us. We can't just dismiss a generation because they have fun in a different way to us. I think as long as there's improvements in society when it comes to crime statistics and education (which there continues to be, btw), we should allow kids to have fun in any way they want.

There IS, however a downside to technology that doesn't seem to get ANY mention. SO I'm going to mention it now. We've got to a point in time, where technology is so amazingly good. Our medical science is fucking insane. That we've gotten so used to having great health (comparatively speaking) that we, as a society, have deluded ourselves into thinking we don't need medical professionals.

There's people who continuously convince themselves that vaccines, things that have saved hundreds of millions of lives, are only produced for profit and do more harm than good. In the face of the video and documented proof from less than 100 years ago of millions dying due to diseases we can cure now with vaccines.

There's people who think Ritalin and things to deal with adhd, is a for-profit pill, purely used to dull the senses of someone who's only seen as a trouble maker for "being a creative kid".
Same with anti-depressants, anti-psychotic drugs, chemo therapy.

Compared to hundreds of years ago, there's very, very few medical problems that can kill us. Because of medical science. And we've become arrogant enough in our bubble of perfect health to totally dismiss medical professionals in order to live with "old practises".

It annoys me to see people advocate for people to have natural births. Grown men calling for grown women to go through pregnancy without pain killers. It's absolutely fine to do these things because mortality rates aren't high. The problem is that mortality rates aren't high BECAUSE of the fucking medical science put into this shit.

Do you think if people in the 1600's had access to medical professionals and pain killers, they'd opt in for the natural birth which had a roughly 50% fucking success rate? No.
Do you think in ancient chinese civilisations, they'd opt in for their "natural remedies" for the mystery illness which weakens you and essentially kills you from the inside, if they had a medical professional explain to them what type of cancer it was and had a proven way to cure that cancer for most people that start the treatment early enough? Would they shite.

We actually do these things. We're so fucking deluded and arrogant. I wish people would just realise that you're only safe enough to have these stupid scenarios because scientists have been researching how to keep us alive for centuries, it has NOTHING to do with old remedies being better than western medicine. Especially when, if you knew anything about western medicine, a lot of it is concentrated versions of ancient medicine, added to other chemicals in order to make it more consistently helpful.
And then you get the pish argument of "the medicine gives you more side effects than the problem". What, do you think blood-letting was harmless? Manky needles and removing enough blood to make people faint... Aye, they were fucking geniuses back then. Let's follow their example. Let's just totally dismiss the fact that we're continuously improving and follow in the shite foot steps of people who lived to the age of 40 and died of common cold.

Craig Duncan

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