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Trump - More of the Same?

I've been seeing a lot over social media about apathy surrounding Obama's drone strike legacy on Middle Eastern countries. I've seen statements along the lines of "Yeah, Trump is a piece of shit, but we almost had Hillary, who's the epitome of evil". And to an extent, I absolutely agree.

Obama got away with looking like a true liberal, with even right wing media outlets labelling him a socialist. Socialism is pretty left wing. To be a socialist in the US is noble and brave and I respect Obama for going through with that. The only problem is he wasn't very left wing beyond not disliking homosexuals. He definitely wasn't anything close to being a socialist when looking at his economic policies. And when you look at his foreign policy record and immigration record - he was more right wing than Bush.

Same with Clinton - an absolute war monger and a typical corporate slave. She admitted to having both private and public opinions. One of those opinion hypocrisies came with Wall Street. She tells the people she's asking to vote for her that she's going to sort out corporate greed and corrupt bankers. Then she tells the greedy CEO's and corrupt bankers how amazing they are as long as they continue funding her ridiculous lifestyle.

As an unapologetically left wing socialist, I will fully state my dislike for both of those people. And right now, Trump is better than them. But he's had just over a week of power. And in that week of power, he's openly showed disdain for certain groups of people. An obsession with a wall that is objectively useless since most illegal Mexicans get to the US by plane or underground tunnels shows disdain for Mexicans as a people. Someone genuinely worried about illegal immigration would focus on how the problem happens and not on what looks like a strong position to a public that choose not to research what's actually being said.

A huge decrease in refugee acceptance; while having little to no practical effect on the situation (since the US, comparatively, takes much less than the maximum anyway) shows a level of disdain for a specific group of people. Or at the very least, he's seen enough disdain for these people that he's been able to be popular by exploiting it. But the fact that the countries not included on this list are the countries most known for causing terror in the US shows, on some level, a double standard. If it's not truly to defend the US people from terrorism, what is the reason?

As well as his ridiculous, unhelpful orders in regards to immigration, he has vowed to get out of the Paris agreement. This, on its own, may not be that bad. You can still battle climate change outside of the Paris agreement. You could very well do better outside of the agreement. But Trump has said he doesn't believe in climate change and the person he's put in charge of the Enviromental Protection Agency also doesn't believe in climate change. So I think this is probably as bad as it looks.
He's been in office 11 days. And I've only mentioned things that I think are most important, given the point I'm trying to make. I haven't mentioned the ACA, DAPL, restriction of funding to organisations that help women with abortions. Only 3 things that makes me believe he will be far worse than Obama or Clinton would have been.

As a refresher, I agree that Clinton and Obama are war mongering, right wing, corporatist nothings. But they don't openly state hatred. Which means one of three things:
They're wrong on foreign policy, but genuinely believe what they're doing will be good for people in the long run.
They don't like/ care about the people they're killing and they like genocide
They have some sort of financial interest. Whether that's personally or lobbying of the party.
All three of these things means you can't just go crazy and start killing people for "no reason". You have to put on some kind of front to get away with it. And that's where my fear of Trump comes in. He ran, purposely, on a campaign of fear of "the other", whether that be Mexicans, refugees or Muslims. He's spoken openly about just dropping lots of bombs on them and stealing their resources. Killing their innocent family members. And doubling down on torture methods. In response, he got cheers. And now he's the president.

His donors, who he claimed wouldn't exist. His cabinet and a lot of his supporters (being not huge fans of Muslims) are all for a war with Iran. He's already pledged to "rip up the Iran deal". He hasn't mentioned pulling the last of the troops out of Afghanistan. He's said nothing about peace in Libya, Syria, Iraq. He's pro-Israel. That's a lot of arrows pointing at indiscriminate killing of a lot of innocent people. And unlike the Apathy in response to Obamas drone strike campaign, Trump will have support of his.

At this stage, you're looking at war with Iran, which is guaranteed to be a bigger shit show than Iraq and Afghanistan. You have a Chinese military official saying "A war ‘within the president’s term’ or ‘war breaking out tonight’ are not just slogans, they are becoming a practical reality.". You're looking at no end to the current, on-going wars. Torture openly coming back, the purposeful killing of innocent civilians in an attempt at psychological warfare with terrorists. And on top of that, zero attempts at battling climate change.

This is no longer Trump being "more of the same". More of the same is dead. It's more of the same right now and Trump hasn't even almost started yet. It's a dangerous time and dismissal of criticism of Trump as nothing more than SJW's complaining is making it even worse. Donald Trump is a petulant child with mental health problems. He's no longer something to be laughed at. He's something to be opposed, fiercely.

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