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Episode 18. Caz Paul (Scottish Libertarians)

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Different views today. On the podcast this week is Caz Paul representing the Scottish Libertarians. For the first time we hear from "the other side". Most, if not all the parties we've spoken to regarding May 5th have been socially and economically left wing, in general. Today that changes.

Caz Paul discusses with us how free market capitalism done properly can allow a fairer and more sustainable country. We talk about how government should be minimised to the point of almost non existent. How the tax system limits progress and liberty and how occasionally, the people you support the most can also be the people you disagree with the most.

If you despise income tax, if you feel no need for government interference and even think government policies can and have done more harm than good - this is the podcast for you.

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Author: Besides The Norm
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